Friday, 12 August 2011

Want an organised wardrobe?

Any of you that have every watched clueless (yes that 90s film with mike from friends) will be aware of  that wardrobe with the touchscreen (did they have touch screen in the nineties??) computer for her to mix and match clothes and it even tells her if it matches or not? and we all have to admit to being guilty of wanting one of them (just without the bulk) .. if you dont know what im talking about GO AND WATCH THE FILM!!!
Well it seems those of us guilty of wanting such an invention have had out prayers answered.. except this comes in the form of an app for the iPhone/Ipod.. its called stylebook (find them on twitter here) it costs around the £2 . 50 mark which for an app may be a little pricey.. but for organisation its amazing!

Here is there video.. (they also have video tutorials on how to use the app on their youtube channel.. (link here)

In brief for you all it is essentially an app which helps you to categorize your wardrobe and put looks together.. it comes with sections (tops;blouses,tshirts..dresses;sundresses,cocktail dresses) already on it.. if you dont like them you can remove them and add your own! and you take photos on your iphone/ipod/ipad (but it doesnt take up the whole screen) and then upload them to the app (very quickly) nd then you can get rid of the background (if you take a photo on a contrasting background to the clothes then its much more easily done (unlike me who took a picture of a white top on a white background and had to go in and remove the background by hand!) once everything you want is on the app you cn put outfits together and adjust the clothes size. as if this wasnt enough you can use the calender tool on the app to plan when you will wear outfits so you never have that 'what do i wear today?' problem! i believe it also tells you how many times you have worn something too. ANOTHER point about the app is that you can put in any inspiration to the app such as blogs and pictures that sum up your personal style. Like i said this app is ideal for girl (and boys too!) who have too many clothes they lose track of them all.. the only downside is that it can be time consuming if you have a few too many clothes to take pictures and remove the backgrounds of them all! but thionk of the time it saves you having to try on a million outfits in the morning?

I really recomend this app to anyone with an ipod or iphone or ipad, not only is it useful and very organisational but its fun putting together outfits using your own clothes without the hassle of trying everything on.. the only real difference between this and that contraption in clueless is that it doesnt tell you what looks right! (oh and there is not picture of you on it!)

I hope this wasnt too rambly and actually made sense

until next time
laura xxx


  1. I remember the first time i saw that movie i was like 10 adn i begged my mum for days for a wardrobe like that! of coarse i didnt realise it would cost A LOT! Hahaha :P

  2. Sounds quite nifty! I was watching Clueless today (haha) and she had a computer program doing something similar - funny how it's true 15 years later

  3. Clueless is one of the best films everrrr. I'm always jealous of her little computer thing though hah. & I love the way she takes polaroid pictures of herself because she doesn't trust mirrors! Not like I've watched the film too much or anything.. x