Friday, 12 August 2011

Hair Dye Nightmare!

I have spent the past few weeks wondering what to blog about, and even when I have gone shopping I have just lost my blogging motivation. BUT today after I had eaten my dinner i noticed I had awful roots.. then thought I would tell you all about my bad experience with GARNIER BELLE COLOUR hair dye in their lightest shade.

I can tell you that I am not allergic to bleach, nor hair dye generally and in the past I have used home hair dyes and hairdressers to get lighter blonde hair. So I thought that I wouldn't have an issue with this one. I didn't do a skin allergy test for 2 reasons 1. I didn't think I would be allergic seeing as I have used bleach which as strong as you get surely and 2. I don't quite know how to do one because your not supposed to leave hair dye opened. ANYWAY as soon as the hair dye was on my head I felt a slight burning on my scalp but though nothing of it because I wondered if maybe I had a small cut or something on my head. I was sooo impressed with the colour after as well and thought i had found my go-to hair dye.. then about a week and a half later (this surely wouldn't of shown up in any allergy test anyway?) my face became very dry, especially on the middle of my forehead (which is usually oily) and around my eyes. This meant that make-up looked disastrous on me! and whenever I put anything on the skin it stung crazily! I have only just got rid of the dryness on my forehead and its still there on my eyes weeks later! However this wasn't the worst of it.. I also have red dry patches of skin on my neck similar looking to ringworm.. and so that's what i presumed it was however (thank you internet) I googled hair dye reactions and there are several images (some worse than my own) that depict the same thing.. dry skin on the face and red dry patches on the neck.

I my not be experiencing a reaction to the hair dye as I haven't been diagnosed, however I haven't changed make-up products lately or even skincare products definitely not for a good month before this reaction showed up anyway. and another factor that makes me think this is linked is the reactions people have had to garnier summerbody.. I am aware these are two very different products however this reaction came about the same time as the people who were using summerbody.

I still have dry patches on my face/neck and I think that this may ave contributed to me not wanting to blog lately because my idea have been FOTD which I haven't felt comfortable showing for obvious reasons. unfortunately I do not have any pictures of my skin to show you and I also haven't contacted garnier because their words of sympathy and a few garnier vouchers wont improve my skin! I have heard from others that garnier hair dye has had this affect on them and feel free to comment below if you have had similar experiences.

Sorry for my garnier rant just thought i would warn you of my experiences and ask if any of you have any remedy for this because no exfoliating or moisturiser seems to help! and if i use oily moisturiesrs i just develop spots under the dry skin!

hopefully next time will be a happier post
laura xxx

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  1. Hey Laura

    It was such a shame you had to suffer what you have. I'm so cautious with hair dyes and such for this very reason. For the dry skin you could try Oilatum cream, it's from Boots or Superdrugs and costs around £3/£4. It isn't the Natural Face Repair one, it just says 'Oilatum Cream'. I hope it helps!